Our Team

Fred Morgan

With his years of accounting experience Fred is best described as a Business Improvement Specialist. Fred, a CMA Associate, has assisted companies and individuals with such problems as Taxation, Accounting, Sourcing funds, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, New Product Development, Growth strategies, Sale of business and increasing profitability.

Fred has been consulting with small to medium-sized businesses across Canada for over 25 years. He is a result-focused with proven ability to turnaround financially troubled companies.

After studying at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Faculty of Business (Accounting) and further studies of Registered Industrial Accountant he moved to New Brunswick to manage the branch operations of an international glass company. Further Business ventures included partnerships in a printing company, a construction company and a franchise operation partnered with interests in Australia and Singapore.

Fred understands that proper management of a business requires a thorough appreciation of the tax implications on each decision.

Peggy Morgan

Peggy is a CMA Associate and is forever studying various aspects of taxation and tax planning for individuals and businesses.

Peggy is responsible for the on-time filing of clients’ returns, follow-up of any filing concerns or queries, business development and research.

She graduated from UBC (Vancouver) with B. Comm., has retired from a major airline in Canada, owned and operated a moving company, and holds her Alberta real estate license


˝ Hi Fred, with sincere thanks for your thoughtful kindness. Thank you ever so much, for getting the issues straightened out with the Income Tax people—We appreciate you doing this for us—Thanks Again. ˝

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