About Us

Morgan & Associates and our team of associates offers a variety of services to our clients both individually and corporately. We are accountants, legal advisers and consultants who work with our clients on financial issues. We not only have experience in financing, banking, and business planning but we are strongly networked with government and the financial communities in which we do business.

  • Let the accountants do the accounting and you run your business.
  • Working to help you earn more and keep more of what you earn
  • It is becoming harder to get up to meet the day’s demands
  • Financial problems have road signs like the highway, they are there and we may pass them by – each and every day. Signs may look like this!
  • Paying suppliers slower than you did last year
  • Paying only interest or service charges on outstanding loans
  • Looking to obtain a loan to carry one through the next months of cash flow
  • Sales slower than average but those creditors are calling more frequently
  • Unable to have a well-earned vacation as you cannot afford to lose any potential sales
  • Wishing your employees would take a pay down

At Morgan & Associates we work with you to find the best ways to meet your unique needs by researching, gathering, recording, analyzing and presenting information to management on a consistent basis.

Our firm works when required as a business coach to our cliental:

  • Making an assessment of your organization and its systems
  • Devising strategies to make you more competitive in the marketplace
  • Focusing on the organizational structure of your business
  • Analyzing workflow while defining your operational and production capabilities
  • Studying your customer support with a projection to the future of where you want your company to be and how you want your customer base to expand.

“Personalized client attention is the order of the day at Morgan & Associates”


˝ Hi Fred, with sincere thanks for your thoughtful kindness. Thank you ever so much, for getting the issues straightened out with the Income Tax people—We appreciate you doing this for us—Thanks Again. ˝

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